Sweet Violet~Viola odorata 

  • By Andrée Beauchamp
  • 02 Jun, 2017

A Rich Source of Vitamin C

Sweet Violet, Viola Odorata unearths herself in the early Spring with the Dewdrops, the Forget me Not, and the Johny Jump Up Pansies. The heart-shaped leaves unfurl to brighten the gardens edge and to bring nourishment to our table. The leaves and the blossoms of Sweet Violet contain a rich source of Vitamin C, in the form of abscorbic acid and with approx 264 gm per 100 gm of plant. Do get out your salad bowl and enjoy the sweet violets all around you.

Susan Weed speaks of Violet as a skillful companion to support and alter the function of our nervous system, the immune system and the reproductive organs. Susan shares sweet violet is particularly effective for the breasts and is her favorite ally for fibro-cystic breasts, breast cancer and mastitis.

Due to sweet violets complimentary chemical compounds  with alkaloids, salicylates, flavanoids and saponins can serve well, those with aggressive cancers and especially supportive to the liver, gall bladder, digestive and urinary systems.  According to Susan, medical literature of the early 20th century included at least five studies where Sweet Violet's healing constituents demonstrated potent dis solvent, and anti-cancer properties. Maude Grieves in 1931 said "It is recorded that during the nine weeks that a nurseryman supplied a patient suffering with cancer in the colon was cured at the end of this period-A bed of violets covering six rods of ground was almost entirely stripped of its foliage."

In contemporary times, the flowers of sweet violet are mainly used in the form of cooling agents, in the manufacture of perfumes as well as for cough syrups.

Violet leaves are also a head easer and a respiratory ally, cooling the effects of the head, mind, brain, lungs and nervous system. Aunt Violets cool infusions in the midst of an overheated congestion will come to the rescue when there is blocked grief, traumatic remembering s and feverish fears.

Pour 1 liter of filtered and boiled water over 30 gm of dried blossoms and leaves of dried sweet violet. Let this stand for a minimum of 4 hours and strain to make your infusion. Drink the violet infusion either hot or cool for a deeply beneficial source of nourishment and wisdom to guide you on this journey. OM.
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