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Herbal Alchemy

By Andrée Beauchamp 04 Aug, 2017
Vervain, Verbena hastata is a native medicinal plant to America and is the sister plant to the European, Vervain Verbena officinalis.  Verbena hastata is often confused with Lemon Verbena, Aloysia citrodora. These are not the same plants. The European Officinalis and the American hastata can be utilized interchangeably.

Vervain, is primarily a Nerve tonic, a sedative, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic, (sweat) hypotensive, (lowers blood pressure) hepatic, (liver health) emmenagogue, ( for women) and galactagogue (promoting healthy bile flow) says David Hoffmann, Medical Herbalism.   Vervain contains  Iridoides, including verbenin, and verbenalin, flavanoids, volatile oils, triterpenes, mucilage, tannins and saponins.

Vervain will often be spotted in wetland areas where there is plenty of sunshine. The purple bundles of flowers,  herald the landscape as a sweeping brushstroke might. The flower bundles and the leaves are harvested in the summer when they are in full bloom. Clip the first 12" to 18" and make a tincturechopping the plant finely to improve absorption and pack the jar as you go. Pour your menstrum, alcohol or vinegar over the jar of  Vervain plant material.   Fill the jar to the top with your liquid. Label this with name and date that you collected the plant. Vervain is super bitter. i would not recommend one drinks Vervain as a tea.

On the whole Vervain is considered a low intensity and wide spectrum medicinal, according to Peter Holmes with versatility not unlike Yarrow or Meadowsweet.  Vervain is perfect for this time of year when the weather is both hot and humid, to reduce dryness and heat from the lungs, liver, kidneys and reproductive organs, with bronchial asthma, fever and coughing, with edema, stones and the pain of fibromyalgia.  Vervain supports those with chronic deficiency (tiredness) and conditions where there is chronic nervous tension. Vervain  ex ells  at relaxing the nerves with depressive tendencies.  Vervain also skillfully helps to manage migranes, dizziness and tinnitus. Vervain may be taken with Oats and or St. John's for nerve pain or with Scullcap for a comprehensive and deeply reaching nerve tonic.  Perfect for this August reset. Available in the Dharani Dispensary. Please do not take this remedy without an herbalist s or without a qualifed practitioner's advice.  Or  contact dharanihealingarts to discuss this.

Vervain Verbena Hastata is growing right outside my kitchen window presently, where i can see the tall, erect purple bundle of joy moving with the wind.  Legend says Vervain is the bringer of  love and luck  to our doors. i feel so deeply grateful for this plant medicine. OM

By Andrée Beauchamp 22 Jul, 2017
St John's is a  dear friend and ally which i have been taking for many years.  I collect the upper stalk of leaves and flowers once they are in bloom in mid July. This is a perfect time to go out and wild craft St. John's Wort to make a tincture, a salve for burns and bruises or dried for tea.

St John's likes to grow in abundant sunlight in stands along the roadside, in meadows and at the edge of the forests. St john's is rich in volatile oil, flavanoids, and alkaloids (hypericin, hyperforin,) two of its most important chemical compounds, which have been extensively researched this past century,  for what scientists believe act as the anti-depressant.  St John's Wort actions are nervine, anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary (skin) anti-microbial, and anti-viral.

St John's is  specifically an ally to restore the nerves, to lift the mind and to relieve depression and anxiety. Peter Holmes in the The Energetics of  Western Herbs says  St John's supports the kidneys, the adrenals and intestines due to tension and constraint, with deficiency. This would explain why St John's has been such a supportive and wonderful plant remedy for me. Peter Holmes shares in chronic conditions involving the whole nervous system, St John's nervous relaxant and nervous restorative abilities are especially suited to women in menopause, and for people in general  who struggle with nervous tension, insomnia, irritability and depression.   St John's also works well for people who work out often reducing lactic acid build up in their tissues after a vigorous yoga class or workout. Take one dropperful before and after practice to ease your bones.

The French speak of Millepertuis as a plant that shares good humor for those who take it. Oh St. John's to you, i am so deeply grateful.  Come along and pick up a tincture of St John's Wort in the Dharani Dispensary, or use the herb to make a tea. The color and the aroma of St. John's Wort is truly divine. metta.

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