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Andrée Beauchamp is a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner & Accredited Therapeutic Herbalist, C.N.H.P, H.T.A. who specializes in Prevention with Nutritional Guidance & Herbal Medicine, Body Therapy & Energy Medicine.

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Herbal Alchemy

By Andrée Beauchamp 03 Mar, 2017

Virtually every tradition in the world recommends fasting at least once or twice a year for therapeutic and spiritual awakenings. Fasting has been shown to slow down the aging process.   One may fast by not eating, eating a single food only, or by eliminating one or more foods from the diet. The fast can last a day, a week or several days. 

Complete fasting for a short period of time, or following a Whole Foods Regime for an extended period of time, encourages our mind and body to shift out of our unhealthy patterns, in the way we think about, act upon, and eat food. While many of us eat consciously it is more often, an unconscious response,  as in, I am hungry, or,  it is time, and we eat out of habit, and too fast, with repetitive menus with food that no longer nourish us. We feel tired and empty most of the time.

According to a recent study in 2016, babies are born with more than 200 chemicals in their blood stream. These chemicals are found in our environment in the form of heavy metals, in our food chain with pesticides, and on our bodies, with the chemical detergents we use to wash clothes, and with the chemically based body products we use to make ourselves smell pretty. These chemicals are bombarding our system and are creating weak links in our DNA, which may invariably account for the growing number of harmful micro-organisms found in our bloodstream-with bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses, running rampant. These pathogens along with too much stress in our lives,  are contributing to the break down of mankind's physiological and mental health and are contributing to the increase of many chronic conditions and diseases.  

Following a whole foods regime over a period of weeks yields numerous benefits. Not only do we derive the pleasure of eating whole foods, we begin to notice how much more nourished we feel, and how much better we digest, poop and sleep. Psychologically we calm down, and physiologically we deeply benefit, our endocrine glands, hormones and neuro-transmitters such as serotonin begins to respond positively and we feel happier, our adrenal glands (the fight or flight mechanism)begins to relax, and our nervous systems unravel. We eliminate harmful toxins.  We purify.  We give our entire system a dearly needed rest. This is the secret to longevity.

A common misconception is that fasting without ANY food is better. Although fasting on liquids can be beneficial over a shorter period, fasting on liquids for more than a few days is not advised. Without calories, our body begins  to breaks down fat, where the toxins hide out. When we are not able to accommodate this sudden shift in metabolism and eliminate properly, the toxins end up in our tissues and in our bloodstream where they become harmful. This is potentially dangerous and why many people experience unpleasant side symptoms when following a more rigorous heroic regime.

Eating whole foods while fasting encourages a deeper and gentler elimination; the method is nourishing overall. The Dharani Healing Arts Whole Food Regime is based on The Wise Traditions to nourish, verses to cleanse, and to heal gently and deeply, verses too quickly and too fast. We address our constitutions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment and a herbal remedy is selected for your constitution.

We initially begin the regime to reduce damp and cold conditions that affect digestion, with spleen deficiency and tiredness.  In week One, we eat from an array of warming root and vegetable dishes with sweet grains and soups, and pungent spices that encourage our systems to warm up and dry out. Our digestive chi improves, our energy increases and our joints relax. Gradually, after a few days to a week when you begin to feel warmer and more vibrant, one focuses on the liver, with Week two foods; with foods and herbs that cool and invigorate good liver Chi and ease the mind. Nervous tension subsides. We eat from a variety of fresh, blanched and whole raw foods and vegetables. The condiments are cooler and encourage relaxation. After at least two weeks, one has the option in Week three to blend whole food soups and smoothies, with organic juices and super foods and salads galore for a few days up to a week! This is the ultimate way to restore one’s vibrancy. There are plenty of recipes.

The Twenty-One Days to Vibrant Health offers you a chance to reinvent the way you feel, think, act upon and eat food. We reconnect with the bounty within ourselves, with the mother earth, and of our respect for all living things. The regime has been developed through years of eating whole foods mindfully, of living a life of moderation and contemplation, centered on the Buddhist three pillars of health;  to nurture a peace of mind, to cultivate a contented heart and to practice and eat with gratitude daily. The Whole Foods Regime is structured to mentor and to empower you, and for you to live and sustain yourselves entirely on a whole foods regime, and as a way of life over time. I can promise you, you will  feel much, much better after completing the Twenty-One Days to Vibrant Health, Whole Foods Regime.

  Join us. Live a vibrant life!


Ten Reasons to Follow a Whole Foods Regime

1.     Our Entire system has a chance to rest; we digest, assimilate and eliminate better.

2.     Our body Rediscovers its Natural Affinity to heal and be well.  

3.      Our Energy increases.

4.       We Become more Resilient.

5.     Inflammation, Allergies, and other Chronic conditions subside.

6.      We Experience a heightened sense of Mental and Emotional Well being, while concentration, focus & memory improve.      

7.      We Reduce body fat, we feel Lighter and Slimmer.

8.     Our Skin, hair and our Eyes glow.

9.     We feel Happier and more Confident, and more Vibrant.    

10.  We Sleep better**** which is critical to good health. So many activities occur throughout the night to replenish our mind, body and being. A good night’s sleep is essential.

Twenty-One Days to Vibrant Health

May 1st -21st

Workshop to Prepare

Cécile Wehrell of the

 Untamed Kitchen

Friday, April  21st, 2017

 630-9 pm

Total Investment:


The 2017 Regime includes the Workshop with Cécile, (yeah!) the Manual-with amazing recipes and rich info, as well as E-news Support, a Facebook group page, and mentor ship with Andrée. We will gather for an optional weekly meditation,  and Chi-gong movement series.  The Spring Tonic and an Herbal remedy is also selected to support you, on your path to whole health and holiness. All Dharani services, while following the regime are offered to you for 20% off. 

This regime is vegan friendly!

Super Foods & Super Herbs & Spice Blends will be available for purchase.



By Andrée Beauchamp 02 Feb, 2017
February heralds in the Chinese New Year with the Fire Rooster at its helm. The Fire Hen (in my case) calls for  a time to cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections with ourselves, with one another and in the community. The fire rooster year asks that we use diligence and discipline to manifest our dreams. Batten down the hatches, take care of details, do as we say, and say what we feel. Most importantly be impeccable in our words and actions.  

A call to compassion in action is a longing to show-up in a deeper way. Can we pour more loving chi into the things that nourish and sustain us, and will our deeper hearts lead the way in kindness and with tolerance?
The question arises,  then, "How does one nourish, love and sustain ourselves and others with a deeper heart? How does one show up to be more fully present for ourselves and others, to deepen the relationships with those that we have already, and for the potential for new and deeper ones to come in?

In order to understand how one can deepen our heart's calling,  it is useful to know what happens when our body is under pressure. A survey in 2015 showed that 22% of Canadians experience high levels of stress on a daily basis. This is likely higher now.   Dr. Sonya Lupien  director for the Center for Studies on Human Stress in Montreal, coined an acronym, "NUTS" for four ways in which stress is triggered:
N is for Novelty, something is new, like a job or a first date,
U is for Unpredictability, when you don't know how something is going to turn out.
T is for Threat to the Ego, when your competence is threatened. 
S is for Sense of Control  as in with little or no control, like being stuck in traffic.

This is useful, as when we fully acknowledge what has triggered our sense of safety and well- being, we can respond by taking an action to reduce our stress. This encourages us to take a deeper responsibility to step in and support ourselves, and to rise to the call of action where a deeper heart may be called upon or needed for ourselves or with another. Deep breathing, singing, dancing, the support of a loved one, colleague or friend, moving our body, meditating,(Intensive care unit study with nurses, showed that an eight week meditation course cut stress levels by 40%)and reading (for 6 minutes, reduces stress by 68%) or eating whole foods, especially fish, re-establishes one's equilibrium, reducing stress by 16% to 68% within five to twenty minutes. 

Here are nine ways to show up, to live our lives more fully, and to deepen our hearts call to love in action. What would you add to this?

1. Nourish our body, heart and mind with whole foods, wild native herbs and wholesome beverages. 
2. Nourish with confidence. Instill a sense of self worth and respect for all  sentient beings, including animals, wildlife, for all of humanity.
3  Nourish one another. Take the time for hugs, and share more loving kindness unconditionally.

4. Love with deeper hearts by accepting ourselves and others and the experiences, without judgement and utilize discernment in all our words and actions.  Judge less.
5. Love is truly listening for what is being said versus responding in our mind before one has finished speaking. Being truly heard is a gift of love.
6. Love creates an environment where words no longer need  be said, compassionate actions arises out of  the intimate moments of genuine presence.

7. Sustain and deepen our heart's longing by being consistent in our words and actions, and following through with our commitments. Make them first. Planning ahead reduces stress and provides stability.
8. Sustain all of life by giving up ourselves and our agendas, for that of the greater good. 
9. Sustain all of life with generosity, especially with our time, patience, and money.

The word metta, is a Buddhist term, and means loving kindness or friendliness while the word, compassion takes the action of loving kindness to a deeper place to respond with a capacity to feel into or lean into, what is actually taking place. Out of this fountain of presence, springs the potential for our heart's longing to deepen our call to love in action. May we embody this practice and live it. OM.

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