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Andrée Beauchamp, Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

 Andrée Beauchamp, brings a richly versatile and grounded approach to her Holistic Healthcare practice 
as a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner C.N.H.P, Accredited Therapeutic Herbalist H.T.A, and Spiritual Practitioner of many years. She holds a black belt in Karate-do and has practiced yoga and instructed, for almost 40 years.

Certified in 2005, in Holistic Healthcare, Andrée continues to study with a number of renowned herbalists. She completed a foundation year of studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007. Today, western herbal and Traditional Chinese Medicine form the basis of her holistic practice.  She is presently continuing her education with a Bio-Therapeutic Drainage certification program ( a European-based training to assist those with deeper chronic conditions and disease) The certification is offered through Seroyal, a leading Canadian nutra-ceuticals company.  She is also completing her certification with Upledger’s, CranioSacral Therapy. 

Of most importance,  Andrée/dharani is rooted in the Wise Woman’s Tradition,  where she is guided  by  mentor and teacher Susan Weed, to nourish our health, wholeness and holiness with whole foods, wild native herbs, and presence.
Committed to building a sustainable  Holistic health practice, it is with integrity that i share my knowledge with wisdom, with clarity and with grace.  With therapies that include  Herbalism, Custom Nutritional Regimes,  Acu-Pressure Massage & CranioSacral therapy it is my wish to make a difference in the lives of people whom I serve; to assist them to remember who they are, to facilitate with them, to take responsibility for their health, and to guide them to develop a structure to do so.  It is my wish to contribute to make a difference in the health and vibrancy of people's lives.

I see clients in Kingston, from Dharani Healing Arts Holistic Health and Herbal Dispensary, or for telephone consultations and with Skype. Please see the consultation page for more information or contact me for further discussion.

I am grateful to all my teachers for their guidance and wisdom: Dr. Burt Konzak, Ph.D., Swami Sivananda, MD; Johanna Anthony; Mary Macdonald, Ph.D.; & Peter Laker, CH; Michael Vertolli, RH; Paul Des Rosiers, L.a.c. TCM; Celina Ainsworth, CH; and renowned herbalist and author Susun Weed.

Dharani is my spiritual name, and means simply earth or “earth supporter” in Sanskrit; ~ one who nourishes, to sustain all of life.  A dharani is also another word for “mantra”, which upholds limitless meaning and unites all dharma’s.

“Let the beauty be love be what we do.” —Rumi.
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