Call to Love in Action

  • By Andrée Beauchamp
  • 02 Feb, 2017

Nine Ways to Deepen our Heart's Longing

February heralds in the Chinese New Year with the Fire Rooster at its helm. The Fire Hen (in my case) calls for  a time to cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections with ourselves, with one another and in the community. The fire rooster year asks that we use diligence and discipline to manifest our dreams. Batten down the hatches, take care of details, do as we say, and say what we feel. Most importantly be impeccable in our words and actions.  

A call to compassion in action is a longing to show-up in a deeper way. Can we pour more loving chi into the things that nourish and sustain us, and will our deeper hearts lead the way in kindness and with tolerance?
The question arises,  then, "How does one nourish, love and sustain ourselves and others with a deeper heart? How does one show up to be more fully present for ourselves and others, to deepen the relationships with those that we have already, and for the potential for new and deeper ones to come in?

Here are nine ways to show up, to live our lives more fully, and to deepen our hearts call to love in action. What would you add to this?

1. Nourish our body, heart and mind with whole foods, wild native herbs and wholesome beverages. 
2. Nourish with confidence. Instill a sense of self worth and respect for all  sentient beings, including animals and wildlife, for all of humanity.
3  Nourish one another. Take the time for hugs, and share more loving kindness unconditionally.

4. Love with deeper hearts by accepting ourselves and others and the experiences, without judgement and utilize discernment in all our words and actions.  Judge less.
5. Love is truly listening for what is being said versus responding in our mind before one has finished speaking. Being truly heard is a gift of love.
6. Love creates an environment where words no longer need  be said, compassionate actions arises out of  the intimate moments of genuine presence.

7. Sustain and deepen our heart's longing by following through with our commitments. Make them first. Planning ahead reduces stress and provides stability.
8. Sustain all of life by giving up ourselves and our agendas, for that of the greater good. 
9. Sustain all of life with generosity, especially with our time, patience, and money.

The word metta, is a Buddhist term, and means loving kindness or friendliness while the word, compassion takes the action of loving kindness to a deeper place to respond with a capacity to feel into or lean into, what is actually taking place. Out of this fountain of presence, springs the potential for our heart's longing to deepen our call to love in action. May we embody this practice and live it. OM.

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