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    Certified Holistic Health Care

    Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner Andree Beauchamp CNHP, and Accredited Therapeutic Herbalist H.T.A, sees clients in Kingston from her Holistic Health and Herbal Dispensary or in Toronto for a home visit or telephone consultation. Andree (Dharani) brings a richly versatile and grounded approach to her Holistic Health Care practice. Certified in 2005 in Holistic Health Care Toronto, […]

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    Certified Holistic Health Care

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    Herbal Products

    Coming soon! Shop online for all your favourite, Bulk herbs, Extraordinary Teas, Medicinal Tonics, Seasonal Tonics & Special Orders

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    Herbal Products



    Traditional Healing & Herbal Studies Inspirational Talks

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maca root

Why Fast? Love your Life

                                 One may fast by not eating, eating a single food only, or by eliminating one or more foods from the diet. The fast can last a day, a week or several days. Virtually every tradition in the world recommends […]

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In the Service of Life

Here is a wonderful article and well worth the read to any and everyone who wish to be of service in life~ to those who wish to step into the very breadth of our new paradigm and offer a service which heals, without needing to help or fix -which Naomi suggests is the work of […]

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Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries are a potent ally especially this time of the year when it is cold and damp. They add warmth and vigor to a soup base, delight in a mulled spice recipe or simply stashed in your pocket when you are out for a winter’s walk. They keep you warm by stimulating your circulation and […]

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Teachings 2016

Dharani Healing Arts

Autumn Herbal Walk

October 29th, 2016

10am  to 1 pm

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Come on out to collect roots to make an Elecampane honey and a Root tincture for your health and for prevention. Collect junipers and other edible berries while enjoying an outdoor adventure and a warm herbal tonic. Join us! Bring a small jar and honey or alcohol or vinegar menstruum. We will meet at the Cat Center for 10am. $40. for one $60. for two

NOTE: With rain in the forecast we will not be going unless of course as unpredictable as the weather has been if by Saturday morning, the weather does not look so bad we will meet at the Little Cat Center for 10 am. If you wish to be notified personally, whether we go or not please note me and i will advise you.  We could also go next Saturday. OM

dharanihealingarts@gmail.com 613 542 6878 to register


fermented food

Fermented Foods(part 2)with Rain Lill & Dharani Healing Arts

Saturday, June 4th  1-4pm  99 York Street in the kitchen!

Rain will share a wealth of knowledge on everything you want to know about Fermenting Foods for yourself. We will make, a fermented vegetable, and a Vinegar, as well as speak about kefirs, and other ways to ferment your food to live a vibrant life. Take home some fermented food samples. Join us. Investment: Immediate change in your health and recipes for life.

$40.+hst  10% proceeds go to Interval House
dharani@dharanihealingarts.com to register  There are 10 spaces only!  Register now.


The Eight Treasures Dao-Yin Chi Gong Series

The Eight Treasures is based on a Dao Yin Chi-Gong series. This sequence is practiced in 20 minutes, from a standing position and over time, will build your core and increase your vital energy.

The central premise of Chi-Gong is that the discipline has the capacity to reunify human beings with heaven.~ Peter Fenton P.H.D.

Thursdays, June 16th -July 28th, 2016  530-630pm

$108 for 8 classes
dharani@dharanihealingarts.com to register now



Healing Body, Mind & Spirit with Herbal Medicine | Growing and Wild Crafting Native Herbs, Our Plant Allies, Make a Medicine Chest  Six evening classes | every other Wednesdays  630-930 pm  July 20th-September 28th $295. (inc. some supplies)

Create Herbal Remedies |Make Infusions, Tinctures, Tonics, Compresses & Poultices, Oils & Herbal Vinegar’s| Two Saturday’s 10-3 pm  June 18th, August 13th $95. (inc. some supplies)

Make Skin Care Products |~Creams, Salves, Body Oils &  Balms  Two Evening classes |Wednesday’s 630-930 pm  July 20th, August 17th  $95. (inc. some supplies)

Herbal Field Walks  2016|Spring, Summer, Fall~ Spring ~Saturday’s, May 28th, 10-3 pm  | Summer ~July 23rd 10 -3 pm  Fall ~, October 29th, 10-3 pm ~Three walks ~$40. each

Make a Medicine Wheel  2016 Two Saturday’s 10-3 pm |Dates to post. Create your own medicine wheel in your garden on your canvas or in your book.

 NOTE: There is a 10% discount for all Seniors, returning Students and Friends who wish to participate in any of the teachings.



FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

The Wise Woman’s Tradition, An Herbalist’s Kitchen | Mother Earth, Our Planet, Traditional Herbal Medicine, The Wise Woman’s Tradition, The Seven Rivers of Healing, Plant Classifications, Introduction to Herbal Chemistry|Fall 2016 Six evening classes, every other Thursday 630-930 pm October 6th,-Dec. 8th $295. (inc. supplies)

Health and Wellness ~ Herbal Medicine Chest| Discuss whole being with herbal remedies for prevention, as well as for acute and chronic conditions & dis-ease. Prepare to make a medicine chest. | | Winter 2017 Six evening classes every other Tuesday Jan 17th -March 28th $295.



FALL /WINTER 2016-2017

Preventive Health | Traditional versus Modern Diets, Our Regimes, Prevention with Nutrition & Herbal Medicine, Dy-ad Work, Create a Regime for Yourselves. Meditation & Chi-Gong Techniques for daily practice and peace~Five evening classes- Fall Tuesdays September 13th-October 11th 630-930 pm | Winter 2017 Thursday evenings, |January 19th-Feb.16th $195.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine | The Tao, Yin and Yang, The Five Vital Essences, The Five Element Theory, Eight Patterns of TCM Health, Personal Health Awareness, & Dy-ad Work | Five evening classes |Fall Tuesdays October 18th-November 15th 630-930 pm | Winter 2017 Thursdays March 2nd-March 30th $195.

Holistic Nutrition| Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition Two Weekends| Saturday & Sunday 10-3 pm | October 8th, 9th, 29th, 3oth,Winter 2017 Feb. 6th, 7th, 20th, 21st, $195.

The Fundamentals of Energy Medicine | with Hands on Healing in “Shen” Style| Two Weekends-Saturday & Sunday 10-3 pm November 5th, 6th, 19th, 20th, | Winter 2017 March 4th, 5th, 25th, 26th $195.

A Ceremony and Certification is awarded upon the completion of the Dharani Healing Arts Traditional Healing & or Herbal Teachings Programs. Note: Twenty-five case studies are required to complete either one of the programs. Please contact dharani~Andrée with any questions you may have. Although the courses have been set up in a sequential order they can be taken out of sequence to suit schedules, time constraints, and budgets. Ten students maximum per class. Register now! ***Payment options available.


Help ourselves, help one another, heal the planet:

Contact dharanihealingarts@gmail.com or call 613 542 6878 for more information and to register.