The Beauty of Tilia Cordata

  • By Andrée Beauchamp
  • 29 Dec, 2016

The Beauty of Tilia

Linden Blossoms~ Tilia Cordata

Linden, linden heal my heart
that i may know a brand new start.
Birds a tweet and bee’s a buzz
Linden blossoms sure smell sweet..                                                                                                

I hear fairies at my door
sitting under the linden tree….

The Europeans drink the linden blossoms winter long to prevent colds and flues. Susun Weed and Robin Rose Bennett shared Herbs for Resiliency last evening in a wonderful webinar. Susan’s first choice for an herb with resiliency was Linden- for its anti inflammatory properties. Inflammation creates rigidity. Linden blossoms when drunk as a herbal infusion create flexibility. Linden improves blood flow and supply to the brain, increases circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces arteriosclerosis, and soothes one with Acid reflux.  Linden blossoms is said to mend a broken heart.
Can you not smell how sweet the blossoms are, right now brewing on the stove.
Take 30 gms of linden blossoms to a liter of boiled water.
Let this sit a minimum of four hours (left overnight best) Strain and drink the linden blossom infusion day long to keep you warm & nourished & resilient.  Linden can be infused twice. Available through the Dharani Healing Arts Herbal Dispensary.

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