Acupressure Massage

Acupressure Massage

What is Acupressure Massage?

Acupressure massage is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself.  It supports the whole person – not just the physical body.  Acupressure massage impacts not only your psychological well being, acupressure supports your mental and emotional well being. Acupressure massage received on a regular basis offers you  a chance to cultivate a heightened sense of well being.

Shiatsu Origins

Acupressure  (Shiatsu) originates in Japan from Traditional Chinese Medicine, with influences today, from more recent Western therapies.  A technique that involves using thumb and palm pressure on specific points of the body,  acupressure is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments will alleviate stress and deeper chronic symptoms, to allow for, and to maintain one's health and well-being over one's lifetime.  As a therapist  we are  trained to respect and observe the integrity of the whole person. This holistic perspective is consistent among st all professionals and is evident in my specific philosophy of care.
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How Acupressure Helps

Scientifically speaking,  acupressure  activates the para-sympathetic nervous system, and improves the blood flow and circulation throughout our body. Acupressure relieves general body tension. Acupressure releases the endorphin's (your brain's 'feel good' chemicals) into your bloodstream to create this overall sense of more ease and well being.  Energetically, as a therapist I follow specific pathways called meridians to accentuate and increase, or relax and disperse,  and influence "the flow of  life force,"  in our body.

What You can Expect

There is no use of drugs, needles or mechanical devices.

Essentially my  aim is to  serve,  and to facilitate and to relax  and  balance  the  recipient's  nervous  system and to improve the recipient's  overall physiological health,  and to enliven the recipient's own natural powers of recuperation and healing.

Assessment and treatment in therapy may vary depending on what is needed. Within the eastern tradition, I work to harmonize and regulate the energetic pathways, the (meridians) and to attend to areas of energetic congestion and depletion.  From a western medical perspective i may treat an energetic congestion/depletion that may be observed as an area of poor circulation or structural imbalance or pain. I  may also employ stretching and a range of motion techniques, to improve one's joint mobility and muscle pliability.   I may also recommend a dietary, herbal and, or a specific nutritional regime,  or exercises and stretching techniques to enhance your healing response between visits.

During an Acupressure treatment I utilize both gentle and deep pressure using the thumbs, fingers and hands.  Occasionally, as needed, i may apply techniques using elbows. Whereas Swedish massage involves the use of oil or lotion for the purpose of gliding techniques, acupressure is delivered using direct rhythmic pressure and contact is sustained.  During a session  please wear comfortable and loose clothing or you may receive the therapy while covered by a linen. Acupressure can be performed on a futon on the floor, in a chair, or on a table.

Benefits and After Treatment

After a therapy session you will feel a deep relaxation and re-connection with your somatic self.  You may also feel sleepy or energized depending on your general health status.  I  encourage you to keep well hydrated after the treatment and to notice if there have been improvements in signs and symptoms. Please share these with me.

The benefits of this kind of massage therapy extend beyond our comprehension at times. The effects can be felt immediately or will be noticed over time. Acupressure massage deeply benefits those with chronic ailments, arthritis, muscle aches, & pains, digestive conditions, fibromyalgia, or any condition where relief is required in the bones, muscles, joints, tissues, or vital organs of the body.
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